Wells Fargo: Bait and Switch

I have to warn you, folks: this is a RANT!

Bait and switchMy story actually begins last night when I tried to deposit two checks at an ATM after bank hours (which as we all know don’t really end at a good time for most people). I managed to reach the outside ATM and get back to my car in between the torrential downpours Philadelphia is experiencing right now, but sadly I did not return with a deposit receipt – only the two checks I wanted to deposit. It’s happened before, sometimes ATM deposits are down, but you can usually go back the next day and they are back up. I then proceeded to my volleyball game no more richer than I was when I left.

Today I wrote up a list of errands to be completed during the day, one of which was depositing my checks in case the ATM was still down. Wanting to get everything done quickly, I set out my route with Wells Fargo as my first stop. Sure enough the ATM deposit was down again today, but this time I headed into the bank (I think I’m only allowed to use a teller once or twice a month anyway unless I want to pay another fee).

Side Note: I loathe using Wells Fargo in the first place. Why do I need to pay a $2.50 Wells Fargo fee to take out my money at non-Wells Fargo ATM machines on top of what I’m already being charged? And why do I need to have a $1500 of my money available to you at all times in a FREE checking account? I’m still with them because they are my longest standing bank account. Financial people, feel free to chime in here if this does not help your credit score/credit history.

Anyway, in I walk and fill out a deposit slip. Lynda the teller deposits my checks and proceeds to tell me – or I should say Jennifer; that’s the name she kept calling me – that Wells Fargo would like to review my financials with me. I say, “No thank you.” She then shakes her head at me, so I say, “Is something wrong?” She tilts her head down at me and begins to mumble something through the bullet proof glass, essentially making it seem like something is wrong. Another women, I’m guessing the supervisor, immediately walks over and says something about needing to review some things with a financial advisor, who is currently available if I just have a minute. I also want to mention that there is now a line behind me because the ATM deposit still isn’t working.

In my head I’m thinking this is really odd. I have my minimum balance, I’m within my balance transfers for the month since it just started, this is the first time I’ve seen a teller in I don’t know how long, I don’t have any investments with them – anymore – what the heck do they want? So I go back with the woman and sit down with a financial advisor. This is the fun part.

After being manhandled to sit down with this guy, he asks for my debit card and license. He updates my permanent address and asks me my employer information – which we all know is me now. Funny side note this time: they had my employer as Citicorp, which was my very first job out of college in 2003. Then he hands me back my cards. Here’s where the “financial review” comes in. His next question is, “Do you use credit cards?” So I appease him and say yes. He then says that I am eligible for for a Wells Fargo rewards credit card for no annual fee. I almost blew a gasket on this guy, but knew he was only doing his job. I said no thank you, as I had to Lynda, and let him know that I have plenty of credit cards. He didn’t really want to take no for an answer and then said all I had to do was verify my mother’s maiden name and I could have the card today. AHHHHHHH!

Angry child

Not only did I have to go into the bank, they completely did a bait and switch. Bait me in with downed ATM depositing, tell me I need a financial review, update information that could have been done online by me and then try to sell me your credit card! Thanks for wasting my time.

Silver lining – I could have had my first non-fee Wells Fargo product today. /rant

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